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CFNM stands for Clothed Female Nude Male, which means that the girls in here are wearing clothes and the dudes are totally naked, obviously. And what’s the fun in it? I don’t know, but apparently, some girls like to feel dominant and play with a guy’s cock, not in a very sexual way, but just see how it grows when they touch it, or how far a cumshot can go. They use him like a sex toy, to put it in a way. So if you want to learn more about this practice, especially if you are a girl, start looking and you’ll come up with something interesting for sure. And if you are a guy, well, it can be fun too to have three or four girls staring at your cock, playing with it to see how erect it gets and making you cum to see how far your cum goes without letting you touch any part of their bodies. It doesn’t really sound bad, does it? Well, it’s not bad in reality, maybe it can be a bit frustrating if the tendency continues, but we all love having our cocks caressed, no? But that’s not it, as there are other things going on in this CFNM category, as the clothed girls are always looking to have fun with a guy and that can also mean they can actually have sex with the naked guy but without taking off their clothes after all they are women and they have sexual needs like everyone else, so they choose not to take off their clothes and begin with the hardcore fun. In conclusion we can say there are plenty ways for girls to have fun with guys but the dudes will have to be a bit patient and submissive to cope with the amount of teasing and crazy shit that goes on. And of all the kinky things out there, the best and the hottest are here in this category full of female with clothes on having a blast with naked males.