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Let’s go to the beach because it is summer, it’s hot and it’s the best place to see hot chicks and have a blast! And if you can go to a nude or to a desolated beach even better, because in there the fun increases exponentially, as you get to see some boobies and everything. But the really good times at the beach happen when you go with a girl and there’s nobody there to bother you… and you can have some sexy time under the sun! Of course there’s the trouble of sand getting everywhere, but that can be solved with some skinny dipping! But seriously, I have (luckily) had sex at the beach before and the sand issue is quite annoying, especially if the beach has really thin sand. I mean, that shit gets everywhere! In your ass, your hair, your mouth, your nose, your ears and worse of all, it even gets in your dick! So remember to be extra careful and delicate when having sex at the beach because a tiny grain of sand can fuck you up big time. Also there’s the matter of the scratching that happens when the friction of two sand-covered bodies occurs and that’s something a bit unpleasant too. But let’s be good for a while here, as there are some nice things about having sex at the beach. The first thing is the scenery, as it’s always great to relax and have some thoughtful moments to stare at the ocean and the waves while fucking a hot babe. Also the fact that you can have sex in the shore, with just a bit of water coming in and out makes it very romantic and goes with the flow of what you’re doing out there. Also the risk of getting caught adds to the occasion but it’s more to do with enjoying nature and the outdoors. Also, everything is fun at the beach so, sex is obviously really fun at the beach.